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Peter Harvey a Success at SJM's First Black History Month Event

posted Mar 4, 2012, 7:53 PM by Sjm Administrator   [ updated Mar 4, 2012, 7:55 PM ]
On Tuesday, Feb 21st, SJM recognized Black History Month by hosting an event at The Chelsea in Fanwood. 
We had the honor of welcoming Peter C Harvey, Esq., former New Jersey Attorney General as our guest speaker. 

Generous with his time and knowledge, Mr. Harvey eloquently yet sincerely  spoke for over an hour, followed by a candid discussion with the audience. . 
Mr. Harvey stressed the importance of becoming involved; that we must  be committed to our community and that service to others is key. 
He discussed issues  involving the State Police and other law enforcement agencies, specifically  that officers' success not be measured by number of arrests. 
As a result, he feels this would directly reduce the potential  for profiling. 
Something as simple as placing police cruisers with lights flashing on highways would help slow down traffic. 

Mr. Harvey spoke of his position as one where making everyone happy was difficult.  Often times he needed to use his authority to make decisions based on what he felt was right, even if that meant challenging the governor.  He explained that "at the end of the day if you are satisfying everyone you are not doing your job effectively."  
   He acknowledged that throughout his career there have been issues of race and that. yes, race still does matter, however, he has found that commitment to "doing the right thing" will always override those obstacles. 

    SJM member and event coordinatior, Leland McGee  commented that he was struck by  Mr. Harvey's "humble spirit" and "obvious commitment to his faith"  which he used as a means of eliminating fear of making the right decisions. . 

Diane Maroukian, of Cranford, emailed that she "thoroughly enjoyed the event," adding that  Mr. Harvey was "refreshingly honest and truthful." 
 "This was my first Social Justice Matters event and I look forward to your next !"