MLK Day of Service 2018Panel: Break the Labels

A large and committed group met for a workshop facilitated by SPFHS students and SJM leaders at All Saints Episcopal Church, 559 Park Avenue in Scotch Plains.

Each of us carry several identities.  These identities find their origin in many areas of our lives – race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political inclinations, physical and cognitive abilities, even documentation status.  These issues of identity can lead to considerable barriers to young people finding their voices and standing as individuals ready to be a part of the greater collective.  Thus asking the question, “Who am I?” can lead to several different answers from each young person in our society.  The influence of social media on self-identity and worth has taken considerable hold and it’s power cannot be ignored.  The family, for centuries, has been the primary source of cultural identity and norms, yet these shifts have our young folks being accused of not being Black, Asian, Jewish, Latino enough.  Labels we all assign to others as well as ourselves. 

Thanks to the participants who shared their stories with us.